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Safe Digital Marketing for Agripreneurs - DIGIAGRIMARK

Transnational Project Meetings

-in Greece hosted by Institute of Entrepreneurship Development (IED) (2-3 November 2021),
-in Italy hosted by European Grants International Academy SRL (EGInA) (1-2 February 2022),
-in Spain hosted by Inercia Digital SL (INERCIA) (27-28 June 2022),
-in Portugal hosted by Baldaque & Alves da Silva, Lda (NEWTIE),
-in Turkey hosted by Aydın Valiliği (Aydın Governorship, EU and Foreign Relations Office).
Transnational project meetings play an essential part in the project implementation in order to enable the project aim and the objectives and te success of the project.
These meetings give an opportunity for project partners to get to know each other, to review the division of tasks within the whole project, rules and practices for a good and effective partnership, administrative management according to the rules set by Erasmus+ Program and Turkish NA.

Learning/Teaching/Training Activitiy (LTTA)

04-08 April 2022, Porto-Portugal

The Learning Teaching Training Activity covers short term joint staff training event.

The main objective of the activity is to improve e-learning and content creating skills of the researchers/trainers.

In line with this main purpose, features of Leaning Management System (LMS) and designing interactive contents for learners have had the two main sections: 1. knowledge about user interface, designing and managing an online course, and 2. creating videos, impressive course presentations, charts, flexible multiple-choice questions etc.

The Learning Teaching Training Activity was implemented in Porto/Portugal, from 4th Aprill till 8th Aprill 2022, in order to prepare the learning/training materials at the same consistency & quality, and upload them to the learning/training environment, for the “Safe Digital Marketing for Agripreneurs” Project.

Intellectual Outputs

The DIGIAGRIMARK project will produce significant innovative results and outputs as tangible products (intellectual outputs), and in terms of the farmers' improved skills, as well as the partners’ institutional capacities.
By implementing the project, we are expected below results and outcomes:
-An innovative & sustainable educational methodology in the digital field for farmers will be developed.
-Learning outcomes and a curriculum/course on digital marketing with digital safety & security will be developed for agricultural sector.
-Trainers/instructors will extend their competences by using innovative tools and OERs.
-Awareness on the safe & secure digital marketing in agricultural sector will be increased.
-Outcomes will contribute to the digitalisation of agriculture and improvement of the economic & environmental sustainability of the agricultural sector.
-Digital skills of farmers/agripreneurs in rural areas will be increased. Thus, productivity & efficiency will be improved.

Intellectual outputs (IOs):

IO1 – Curriculum/Course Development for Digital Marketing and Digital Safety and Security for Agripreneurs.
IO2 – Learning Platform, Modules and Training/ Learning Materials for Digital Marketing and Digital Safety & Security for Agripreneurs.
IO3 – Agripreneur’s Safe Digital Marketing Guidebook and A Toolbox for Safe Digital Marketing Strategy for Agripreneurs.

Multiplier Events

Multiplier Events will be organised in each partner country in purpose to present and disseminate intellectual outcomes and developed project activities so as to promote learning and to increase awareness.
The aims of the multiplier event are
-to share the intellectual outputs of a project with a wider audience.
-to extent the results and outputs at international level
-to increase awareness on safe digital agri-marketing and digitalisation need for agricultural sector
-to involve local decision makers and the stakeholder network of each partner country
-to improve new cooperation opportunities among the participants and organisations.
There will be total 5 Final Conferences; in Turkey, in Greece, in Spain, in Portugal and in Italy

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