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IO3- Guida al marketing digitale sicuro di Agripreneur e una cassetta degli attrezzi per una strategia di marketing digitale sicuro per gli imprenditori agricoli


Digital Route from AJAP (Portugal)

With the aim of promoting the installation of a new wave of Young Farmers in the Rural Development Program - PDR 2020, enhancing the attractiveness of the rural environment and contributing to the success of agricultural investments, it is essential to create tools for disseminating good examples of approved projects in the period 2007-2013 with a focus on entrepreneurship and innovation, as well as allowing the easy sharing of information and knowledge, with a view to facilitating its use by future promoters.

It is in this context that AJAP has developed this Digital Route, framed in the National Rural Network, namely in the priority theme of Innovation and Entrepreneurship in rural areas (Priority AI4 - 4.3 - a), aiming, based on the research of relevant contents that generate knowledge, promote the sharing of information through an interactive communication platform - Roteiro Digital, thus responding to the challenges of facilitating access to information. It is intended to provide relevant information and content for agents involved in the development of the Rural World, namely potential beneficiaries of the new Rural Development Programme.

We hope it will be a source of inspiration for the implementation of projects that want to be credible, sustained and generators of competitiveness and innovation!

Website: Roteiro Digital (

Qualifica4Agro rewards innovative agro-food SMEs in digital marketing (Portugal)

Qualifica4Agro will deliver the awards for best Agri-food SME in digital marketing. The contest distinguishes good digital marketing practices of SMEs, in the North, Center and Alentejo regions, for the promotion of endogenous products, in four categories: cheese, wine, olive oil sausages and hams.

Giving visibility to good practices, while encouraging other SMEs to invest in innovative and dynamic actions in various diversified promotional channels are the premises of this contest, inserted in the Qualifica4Agro project that has been supporting SMEs in their modernization, aware of the importance of digitalization today.

The opening session is in charge of Cláudia Domingues Soares and José Augusto Alves, Mayor of Castelo Branco. The initiative also includes the interventions of Carlos Araújo of the Business Association of Ponte de Lima; Sandra Cascalheira, from the Mértola Heritage Defense Association and Sérgio Bento from the Castelo Branco Commercial and Business Association.

With an impact on the North, Center and Alentejo region, it is co-promoted by CATAA - Association of Agro-Food Technological Support Center of Castelo Branco, ACICB - Commercial and Business Association of Beira Baixa, ADPM - Association for the Study and Defense of the Natural and Cultural Heritage of the Municipality of Mértola and Business Association of Ponte de Lima.

Co-financed by Compete 2020, Portugal 2020 and the European Union through the ERDF, Qualifica4agro aims to promote organizational innovation and marketing in SMEs in the agri-food sector with operations in the production and marketing of endogenous products, through the qualification of its agents for business transformation and implementation of i4.0 technologies in their management models.

Website: Qualifica4Agro premeia PMEs agroalimentares inovadoras no marketing digital (

Meadow Lynn Market Garden & CSA as an example of Agribusiness Cooperation (Canada)

Meadow Lynn Farms is a family farm established by the Judd Family in 1946 in Ontario, Canada, producing a variety of crops from vegetables to fruit to animal products. Meadow Lynn Market Garden within Meadow Lynn Farms has been running a CSA programme under the direction of Sarah Judd since 2015, producing enough food for 100 families. The initiative, which has proven its success with various awards, offers consumers reliable and healthy food with vegetable boxes consisting of 14 varieties of seasonal, fresh and pesticide-free produce for 18 weeks from mid-June to October as part of the CSA programme. The product range is enriched through co-operation with local producers, while local production is also supported. Various informative texts are shared on the website, ranging from the producers with whom they cooperate and the products with which they cooperate to the functioning of the programme for those who want to become a member of the CSA programme.

They provide weekly news bulletins containing information and activities related to farm life via e-mail to those who request it. It is seen that They establish a very sincere and warm social sharing environment by sharing various information and activities that will take place on the farm with their followers through their social media accounts. There is also a Facebook group managed by Market Garden, which only CSA members can join.


SmartFarmer (Portugal)

SmartFarmer is a social business of Oikos – Cooperation and Development, whose main mission is to support small and medium-sized agri-food producers – on the one hand, leveraging their sales through an online platform, on the other hand, creating close and transparent relationships between them and consumers, supported by a strong network of local partners.

Founded in 1988, in Portugal, Oikos – Cooperation and Development is a non-profit association, internationally recognized as a Non-Governmental Organization for Development (ONGD/INGO). It aims to eradicate poverty and reduce social, economic and cultural asymmetries. Aiming at sustainability, both locally and globally, it works in a network with local communities, governments and civil societies, the private sector and academic institutions.

SmartFarmer is a cohesive support network that encourages connections between the various producers, and each one of them with the market. The needs of demand, on the part of the consumer, and supply, on the part of the producer, are simultaneously answered through an online platform that promotes the product and facilitates its purchase. SmartFarmer provide ease of access to means of transport, processing and storage spaces, and other essential resources to ensure the sustainability of the business.


Amesia Dairy and Agricultural Products (Türkiye)

Within the scope of the EU Project titled “Innovative Approaches to the Solution of Unregistered Employment in the Agricultural Sector”, requests from producers to market their products under appropriate conditions and with the right methods were evaluated during the vocational trainings for cheese making. The economic situation of the region, market and market conditions were examined, and solutions were sought that would contribute to the producer's spouses to obtain the additional income they needed. As a result, it was decided to establish a company within the Amasya Cattle Breeding Association (CBA) and to create a brand in order to increase the profitability of the milk production in the region and to ensure that the producers' products are marketed at value prices.

As a result of the developments, Amasya CBA established Amesia Food, Agriculture, Livestock, Transport, Industry and Trade Limited Company on 14 November 2011. Through the Amesia company, the natural products produced by the members of Amasya CBA and their families in their own regions and with their own resources were presented to the market with the right methods. Thus, besides the contribution to the family budgets living in the countryside, the people of our country have easier access to quality and reliable local flavours.

The “Amesia Working Women Bees” group was formed by selecting female producer representatives from some of the villages of Merzifon, Gümüşhacıköy and Suluova Districts of Amasya. 15 women in the group were given training on packaging, packaging, embroidery and logo embroidery and product manufacturing for 6 months in the workshop established within the Amasya CBA.

The first sales point to deliver Amesia products directly to consumers was opened on 13 June 2012 at the Amasya CBA headquarters.  Since then, it has participated in many events and promoted Amesia products.

A website created on behalf of Amesia started its publication life and sales on July 12, 2012 and became the first window of the company to open to the outside.

Website link :

Efeler Diyarı Women's Enterprise Production and Business Cooperative (Türkiye)

They carry local and traditional flavours from FIELD TO TABLE in their most natural and organic form in their cooperative journey, which they started in Aydın/Sultanhisar/Atça on 27.01.2020. They transfer our traditional culture from the tradition to the future by processing the raw materials that grow naturally with the seeds of ancestors in the fertile lands of the Aydın region, in a hygienic environment with the production permission of the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry and the barcode system, in accordance with food standards.

The cooperative process started with the idea of ​​contributing to women's education and family budgets on a more realistic platform, with the founder president of the cooperative and the founding members, who observed that a social media group founded under the name of Atça's Entrepreneur Women was very limited in itself. With 19 founding members, they started to work in fields such as agricultural food production, home textiles, jewellery and accessories on this road, which was built on two orange crates. Currently, they provide production and sales in a wide area on the Aydın-Denizli highway, including a resting facility and product sales shop on the lower floor, and a production workshop on the upper floor. In the restaurants serving as a resting facility, there are the geographically marked Aydın rolls of Aydın table, in particular, traditional neck-knotted keskek, pasha pastry, leaf wrap and wood-fired roast. At the same time, they sweeten your palate with local Aydın flavours such as pevlüze and pumpkin dessert. Among the olive trees of the facility, there is a large picnic area called Efe Park, which was opened with the concept of "Cook Yourself". Every day, they work with all their strength to go beyond the point where they started with the aim of always getting better.

As a cooperative that believes in the power of production and women's labour, their main goal is to ensure women's economic freedom and to get out of the disadvantaged situation. They support women not only in participating in production, but also in contributing to their economic, social and cultural development with their education. While helping women to have a job through various courses such as assistant cook and sewing courses, they also help them reveal their personal skills.

Website link :

Koçulu Cheese (Türkiye)

For more than 130 years, it has become a family tradition with the experience and knowledge gained from the cultural and biological riches of the Caucasus and Anatolia. Koçulu Cheesemaking brings to your palate the meat, milk, honey and natural delicacies that it carefully buys and processes from the highlands of Kars (1800-2600 metres) with more than 1500 plant varieties and from the healthy animals fed on these plateaus. Koçulu Cheese has a web site, facebook and instagram account for promotion. Also in Koçulu Cheese website consumers can buy the products’ of Koçulu Cheese. Koçulu Cheese’s address is Artvin – Göle Road 47. km Büyük Boğatepe Village Central Kars.

Website link :

Santa Catalina Mártir S.C.A. (Spain)

İSPANYA 1_edited.jpg

Santa Catalina Mártir S.C.A. is a cooperative in which all the neighbours of Arenas and nearby villages collaborate to create an extra virgin olive oil of the highest quality. Accredited by many, our Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO), has a great aroma and taste that makes the enjoyment of many of local, national and international customers, helping many of the inhabitants of Arenas to continue working in agriculture and in the development of this delicacy of the Axarquia. The orography of the terrain and the enclave make the extraction of our fruit very difficult, which means that harvesting is 100% traditional with small mechanisations to facilitate the work of the farmers. The creation of the brand "Aceite de Arenas" and the commitment to quality means that both the farmers and the factory have the firm commitment that the quality of the product is the priority. The experience and improvement of the product over 50 years, and a large number of loyal customers, make the olive oil highly valued and loved.

Website: Aceite de Arenas - AOVE - Cooperativa Santa Catalina Mártir (

Andalucía Agrotech-Digital Innovation Hub (Spain)

It is an initiative of the Andalusian Government to improve the development of the agri-food sector by accelerating the modernization and digital transformation in all its aspects: technical, analytical, productive, logistic and commercial. It is a new digital innovation network in the agri-food sector with the aim of connecting companies and bringing them closer to the technology sector, as well as offering them guidance in their commitment to the implementation of new technologies.


Aceitunas López (Spain)

Three generations professionally dedicated to the production, packaging, sale and distribution of olives, pickles and olive oil. Aceitunas López is dedicated to the production of table olives with over 50 years in the sector. Their facilities are located in Valverde de Leganés (Badajoz). Dehesa, in Extremadura, a town surrounded by vineyards and olive groves. The olive varieties predominant in the area are carrasqueña and basta or there are other plantations such as gordalilla, verial, picual/marteña, manzanilla, etc.


Aceitunas Lorente (Spain)

Aceitunas Lorente is a small family business located in the province of Alicante. It was founded in 1970 by Don Antonio Lorente Martinez, who with great dedication, sacrifice and effort made this project possible.

It started in the area of Alicante Norte, where thanks to the wide range of olives and pickles and its high quality it expanded towards the coast of the province. Today, far away are the beginnings of a company that started with typical and traditional flavors, where in 2002 with his son Don Antonio Lorente García he started with different flavors, daring but soft at the same time. Highlighting their Gourmet products.

Don Antonio worked very hard, especially in the creation and innovation of Gourmet products, because the mentality and the international market are very different from ours and so they required it.

Cibecco (Italy)

Cibecco has a marketplace platform that supports the development of local economies and rural areas by helping small food producers to sell their typical products directly to people who love healthy, quality food.

The quality of the typical products of the region is famous and appreciated all over the world: cheeses, smoked meats, oil and vinegar, wines, preserves and others have made Italy stand out in this sector.

Consumers can buy from different producers with a single order. In order to maintain the quality of the products, producers only ship at the beginning of the week to avoid parcels remaining in cargo warehouses at the weekend:

Perishable products: Monday and Tuesday

Non-perishable products: Monday to Wednesday

Couriers deliver orders in 24/48 hours in Italy and 48/72 hours on the islands. During hot periods refrigerated isothermic containers are used.



Vivai Piante Gabbianelli (Italy)

The history of Vivai Piante Gabbianelli dates back to the 1900s and merges with that of their family. Already in the 1920s and 1930s, great -grandfather Luigi went with his cart to sell plants and garden products in the markets of nearby towns. Since the 1950s, their business has begun to expand more and more with specialization in the nursery sector and gardening services.

Decade after decade, the awareness that every day there is something new to learn has pushed our company to improve, acquiring more and more professionalism and skills.

2010 is the year of the digital turning point , when they started selling plants online through this site.

Today the online nursery has reached a considerable size, and, thanks to e-commerce, they satisfy the needs of the customers who can buy hundreds of varieties of plants online:

- Main fruit trees

- Soft, healthy, rare and exotic fruits

- Oil and table olives and wine vines

- Soft, healthy, rare and exotic fruits

- Ornamental and hedge plants- Plant care products

- Gardening materials and accessories

- Exotic tropical plants


Digital AgriHub (Italy)

The Digital AgriHub is an initiative launched by the Italian Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Forestry Policies in 2020 to promote digital transformation in the agriculture sector. The aim of the hub is to provide farmers with the tools and skills they need to take advantage of digital technologies and improve their competitiveness.

The Digital AgriHub offers a range of resources and services, including:

  • Online courses and webinars on digital technologies and marketing strategies for agriculture

  • Access to digital tools and platforms for precision agriculture, monitoring crop health, and managing farm operations

  • Support for farmers and agribusinesses to develop and implement digital transformation plans

  • Networking opportunities to connect with other farmers, experts, and service providers in the agriculture sector

Through these resources and services, the Digital AgriHub aims to help farmers in Italy improve their digital skills and knowledge, adopt new technologies and practices, and increase their efficiency and profitability.


Terra Thessalia (Greece)

The region of Thessaly is renowned for its livestock farming, particularly for its remarkable tradition in dairy farming. Terra Thessalia is a cooperative of small dairy territories in Thessaly, specializing in producing and distributing high-quality dairy products. The company provides detailed information on its website about each product, including its origin, characteristics, nutritional value, and recommended usage.

Terra Thessalia has established a locally based quality assurance system designed to ensure that organic products are produced according to agreed-upon standards. This system relies on the participation of farmers, consumers, and other stakeholders who work together to establish and enforce these standards.

Moreover, Terra Thessalia is committed to ensuring the welfare of the animals. Farmers are devoted to animal well-being and milk quality. The company pledges to treat all animals under its care with respect and kindness, providing them with proper nutrition, medical care, and living conditions. Terra Thessalia also asserts that it does not engage in any practices that harm animals, such as animal testing. The company has policies and procedures in place to guarantee animal welfare and provides contact information for reporting any concerns related to animal treatment.

Website link:

Κοφίνι (Basket) (Greece)

κοφίνι means basket and the name 'Kofini' is not a coincidence.

In the past, merchants used to sell their goods from house to house with baskets. Kofini also collects the producers in a big 'basket' and sells them in the shop and by delivery to the door.

Through the website and in the shop, they aim to promote and sell Limnian products, local dairy products such as from cheese to honey.


Website link:

GREECE 2_edited.jpg

Agroknow (Greece)

Agroknow is a company that offers digital services to support the agriculture and food sector. Their services include data management, analysis, and visualization, as well as training and consulting on digital tools and strategies.

Yannis Tsakiris, the founder of "Agroknow", has a background in agricultural engineering and has worked for several years in the agricultural sector. He realized the potential of digital technologies to transform the way agriculture operates and founded Agroknow in 2008. Since then, the company has grown to become a leading provider of digital services for the agricultural sector in Greece and beyond.

Agroknow's services have helped many agripreneurs in Greece to leverage the power of digital technologies to improve their operations and reach new customers. Tsakiris and his team have also been active in promoting the use of open data and open science in agriculture, which has led to greater transparency and collaboration within the industry.


Izmir Agricultural Development and Other Agricultural Cooperatives Union (Türkiye)

TÜRKİYE 4_edited.jpg

Izmir Agricultural Development and Other Agricultural Cooperatives Union was established in 1971 in Izmir in order to protect the common interests of our member cooperatives, to carry out economic activities in order to realise their objectives, to coordinate their activities, to audit their accounts and transactions, to regulate their relations with foreign countries until they enter the Central Union, to develop cooperatives, to advise and guide in educational activities and cooperatives.

Gurme Enginar (Türkiye)

Gurme Enginar produces and sales artichoke, asparagus and other local food products since 2021.

Germencik Organic (Türkiye)

TÜRKİYE 6_edited.jpg

Natural products such as fig olive, olive oil, natural oils, vegetables from the fertile Büyük Menderes plain and the mountains of Aydın are sold through website and Instagram. Germencik Organik is the digital sales platform of natural products offered by Oleogustus Gıda Ltd. Şti.


Servet Gıda (Türkiye)

Servet Gıda is a family business producing Turkish delight, halva and tahini in Fethiye since 1980s. 

It is a first in Fethiye with Turkish delight made with real fruits and special spices prepared in completely natural ways without heat treatment without using salt or sugar by combining many spices such as natural thyme, rosemary, sweet chilli powder.

Servet Erdoğan, father, started R&D studies for natural, nutritious, palate-pleasing flavours after meeting completely organic ingredients such as organic date juices, organic apple juices when he visited fairs abroad in the 1990s. Afterwards, Servet added many healthy and light snacks such as croquants, pates and halva without added sugar.

All production is carried out in the production facility, which has ISO 22000, ISO 9001, TSE and Halal Certificates. In 2015, it received the International Superior Flavour Award from the International Institute of Flavour and Quality in Brussels, Belgium.


TÜRKİYE 7_edited.jpg

Döngü (Cycle) Cooperative (Türkiye)

Türkiye's  R&D Cooperative

Döngü (Cycle) Cooperative; It is a research/development cooperative that aims to support and strengthen agricultural production and create solutions and models for the peasants to continue cultivating their land. It aims to strengthen the position of rural women and to contribute to rural development.

It is a transparent and accountable organization that provides cooperation between producers, consumers, universities, industry and the public by using the knowledge and professional experience of its partners, and cares about fair income sharing. You can support us at every stage with our qualified and supportive stakeholders.

Aydın Yöresel Ürünler (Aydın Local Products) (Türkiye)

Aydın Local Products The story of Artichoke Aydın; It was started in Gölhisar village, which is the center of artichoke in Aydın, by two brothers, one of whom decided to leave corporate life and start his own venture, and the other, who are already a third generation artichoke grower. On this road they set out to deliver the healthy, delicious and healing artichokes and artichoke products to consumers, they decided to deliver consumers the local products of Aydın, which they procure from producers whose quality they trust, thus contributing to the local producers.

their basic principle is to present the indispensable tastes of the Aydın region to consumers in a completely natural state, where access to healthy, natural and safe food is a big problem today. In addition, they aim to make these flavours of the region as accessible as possible and to introduce these excellent tastes all over the country. All the products are completely domestic and offered for sale as first quality.

Sevilden Local Natural Products (Türkiye)

TÜRKİYE 10_edited.jpg
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