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Aydın Provincial Directorate of Agriculture and Forestry (AITOM) is one of the 81 provincial organizations of the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry.Its mission is to identify, implement, monitor & evaluate innovative policies to ensure sustainable agricultural production, access to adequate and reliable food, rural development and competitiveness.

AITOM carries out activities in all stages from plant & animal growing & production to consumption; executes her duties to ensure secure food supply from farm to fork, to raise welfare of producers and level of consumer satisfaction, providing the use of water, land, plant and animal resources in sustainable and environmentally friendly approach.

The directorate implements projects, training programs & courses for farmers and consumers to transfer agricultural skills, information and new technologies as well as general skills & information related to technology and food.

The duties are divided according to the service areas:

Agricultural Production and Security of Supply:


Increasing, protecting, recording and controlling of production, productivity in plant, animal and aquaculture products.

Food Safety: ensuring reliable food & feed supply; carrying out inspections; performing traceability principles in every phase of the procedures on production, process, marketing of food, food additives, and other materials in contact with food.

Phytosanitary, Animal Health and Welfare:

Taking preventive measures for plant health and animal welfare, controlling & eradicating animal diseases and pests.

Agricultural Infrastructure and Rural Development:

Improving the agricultural, social and physical infrastructure of rural areas.

Aquaculture and Fisheries Resources Management:

Protecting aquaculture resources and ensuring sustainable operation, improving aquaculture production.

Address: Adnan Menderes Mah.

Yahya Kemal Cad. No: 2

09010 Efeler, Aydın/Turkey

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