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IO1- Curriculum/Course Development for Digital Marketing and

Digital Safety and Security for Agripreneurs

"Safe Digital Marketing for Agripreneurs" Curriculum/Course 

Digitization brings changes in every part of the agri-food chain. The application of ICT in agricultural marketing has important implications for farmers in terms of access to market information, brand awareness and promotion of agricultural products. it helps small farmers find multiple buyers in the agricultural market in the digital world.

" Safe Digital Marketing for Agricultural Entrepreneurs" Curriculum/Course has been prepared for farmer entrepreneurs in line with the EQF for a 32-hour course covering a total of 9 modules on digital marketing and digital security. The curriculum is an output with innovative factors as it is the first detailed and specific curriculum for the agricultural sector in terms of its extent.

The Curriculum / Course with the training materials and e-platform can be used by learner target groups, whether farmers, agricultural entrepreneurs, villagers or any individual, in online training and by trainers in face-to-face or blended training.

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