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IO2- Learning Platform, Modules and Training/ Learning Materials for Digital Marketing and Digital Safety & Security for Agripreneurs 

"Safe Digital Marketing For Agripreneurs" Training Book

Training Book

In the digital world, there are various training opportunities for individuals on digital marketing and security. However, no training materials, courses and guides are almost non-existent, especially for “small-scale agricultural entrepreneurs” and/or about "Safe Agricultural Digital Marketing".

The project has prioritised the E-Learning Platform, but the course can also be implemented face-to-face or blended. In addition, even if face-to-face courses can be organised for farmers, supporting these trainings with printed, digital and online resources will increase their usage levels. Therefore, printed and/or digital learning materials were developed for the training.

The content of the trainings consists of a total of nine modules prepared in the fields of digital marketing and digital security. Lecture notes prepared and evaluated by each partner for these nine modules.

Especially in the Online Education Platform, the modules/lecture notes prepared both as pdf lecture notes and as a source for interactive content have been combined into a book.

The book "Safe Digital Agricultural Marketing for Agripreneurs" is both an educational resource for learners / trainees and a reference source for those who operate / will operate in the field of digital marketing and an auxiliary resource for trainers.


“Safe Digital Marketing for Agripreneurs” E-Platform 

Rapid changes and developments in information and communication technologies are changing societies, labour markets and business methods. Change has moved stores to virtual environments, enabling cargo to be moved quickly between cities and even countries, and face-to-face business transactions can now be conducted online. To be part of this change, agricultural entrepreneurs need to have knowledge and skills in secure digital/online marketing.

As farmers, all over the world devote a large part of their daily lives to agricultural work, it is very difficult to organise uninterrupted, face-to-face daytime courses. Sometimes courses are organised in the evening so that farmers can attend. However, even in this case, courses organised in the evening are not very efficient for farmers who are tired all day long. Online learning (e-learning) is a very suitable method when there is a shortage of time. Anyone can participate at any day and time and without time limit.

Considering the needs of farmers and the advantages of online education, DIGIAGRIMARK Safe Digital Marketing for agripreneurs course and training platform has been developed within the scope of the project and built on an online platform based on Moodle Learning Management System. According to the training curriculum developed by the all partners covering the titles of Marketing Management and Digital Marketing, Content Marketing, Internet and Social CRM (Customer Relationship Management), Data Analysis and Reporting, Digital Advertisements and Campaigns, Marketplace and E-Commerce, Agricultural Cooperation, Personal Information Security, Privacy and Security in Digital Marketing, rich contents including online course interactive contents, summary videos, lecture notes and useful videos compiled from the internet have been prepared to be published on the training platform.

With the online course consisting of nine modules, it is aimed to increase the knowledge level of the participants in the field of digital marketing and digital security and to develop safe digital marketing skills.

Digiagrimark E-Platform User Guide


The course and training platform "Digiagrimark Safe Digital Marketing for Agripreneurs" has been developed together with the project partners and is built on a platform based on the Moodle Learning Management System. This guide explains how to register and how to use the Digiarimark Training Platform.

You can enrol and complete the course by following the instructions described here.


“Safe Digital Marketing for Agripreneurs” YouTube Summary Videos 

In line with the lecture notes and interactive contents prepared in accordance with the Digiagrimark curriculum, short videos were prepared for each module in six languages and uploaded to the "Digiagrimark Project" YouTube channel of the project. The videos are an audio and animated summary of the course content for each module and language.

You can access the playlists prepared in six languages and covering 9 modules each from the link below and watch the videos in the language of your choice:

“Safe Digital Marketing for Agripreneurs” Trainer Handbook


The main objective of this guidebook is to help trainers transfer essential knowledge and skills to agricultural entrepreneurs, enabling them to help entrepreneurs effectively utilise digital marketing techniques while protecting their businesses and customers from potential threats.

The guidebook presents a curriculum that covers the basics of safe digital marketing and is specifically tailored for agripreneurs within the project "Safe Digital Marketing for Agripreneurs". The curriculum is designed to be accessible and practical, from understanding online platforms and audience analysis to creating engaging content, monitoring performance and ensuring digital safety. The digital environment is constantly changing, and new technologies and trends emerge on a regular basis. In preparing the training curriculum and this guidebook, it has been aimed to ensure that the content is as up-to-date as possible and contains the latest information to meet the dynamic needs of the agricultural sector.

Throughout this guidebook you will find comprehensive framework of the curriculum, contents of the modules, engaging examples, tips and useful resources to facilitate effective training sessions. Each chapter is designed to encourage active participation.

There are also detailed explanations on how to access and use the training platform and training materials prepared under the Digiagrimark project, which the trainer can use during the training.

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