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IO3- Agripreneur’s Safe Digital Marketing Guidebook and A Toolbox for Safe Digital Marketing Strategy for Agripreneurs

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Agripreneur’s Safe Digital Marketing Guidebook 

Agripreneur’s Safe Digital Marketing Toolbox

Agripreneur’s Safe Digital Marketing Roadmap

Agripreneurs can benefit from digitalisation through various digital tools and technologies that can help them manage their farms more effectively and profitably. Digitalisation in agricultural production includes technological advances in the tools and machinery used, as well as information and communication technologies both during and after production.

Digital marketing is a valuable tool for entrepreneurs to reach their target audience, promote and sell their products or services. However, digitalisation also brings some challenges in terms of digital safety and security. It is important to conduct digital marketing in a way that is safe for both the marketer and the customer, respecting the privacy and rights of consumers. In order to conduct digital marketing effectively, farmers need to take various measures to protect their data, systems and customers, such as using strong passwords, keeping software up to date, using security certificates, and using antivirus software and firewalls.

In the Digiagrimark project, in addition to the training materials and online platform, "Agripreneur’s Safe Digital Marketing Guidebook" has been prepared as a valuable supporting tool, which includes basic elements such as safe digital marketing roadmap, training resources, useful tools, good practices, various tips and tricks.

This guide is an auxiliary resource for agricultural entrepreneurs who want to do digital marketing or who continue their digital marketing activities to create a safe and effective digital marketing strategy.

One of the key aspects of digitalisation in agriculture is the adoption of digital marketing strategies that enable new technologies and digitalisation in agricultural production, as well as enabling agricultural entrepreneurs to reach new markets and build brand awareness. 
However, with the rise of digitalisation, the risk of cyber threats and data breaches has also increased. It is very important for agricultural entrepreneurs to learn and implement safe digital marketing practices that will protect themselves and their customers from these cyber threats.

In addition to the training curriculum and online training platform developed within the scope of the activities and outputs of the project, we have developed an Agripreneur's Safe Digital Marketing Toolbox, which we think will be useful for both entrepreneurs who will start digital marketing and businesses that are already doing digital marketing.

The "Agripreneur's Safe Digital Marketing Toolbox" provides entrepreneurs with training resources, useful tools and a roadmap to safely and effectively promote and market their products and/or services online.

With the increase in digital channels, security dangers and threats in the digital world are also increasing. For this reason, it is very important for agricultural entrepreneurs, who are the target audience of the "Safe Digital Marketing for Agripreneurs" Project, to learn both digital marketing and how to protect themselves and their customers from threats and dangers in the digital world and to be able to do secure digital marketing.

The Safe Digital Marketing Roadmap summarises the strategic stages, options and critical points to follow about safe e-commerce/digital marketing.

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