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IO1- Curriculum/Course Development for Digital Marketing and

Digital Safety and Security for Agripreneurs

Digitalization will change every part of the agri-food chain and other agri-products but require major transformations in farming, rural economics, marketing of produce. The application of ICT in agriculture has positive effects on farmers in terms of accessing market information and promoting agricultural products.

In order to the farmers to take place in the digital marketing world safely, it is necessary to prepare a training curriculum/course of Digital Marketing and Digital Safety and Security at farmers' level, which fits their needs, and they can participate willingly.

The output-Curriculum /Course can be used in online trainings by the learner target groups that are farmers, agricultural entrepreneurs, peasants or any individual, and in face-to-face or blended trainings by the trainer groups that are ICT experts, teachers, engineers, planners, trainers with certificates in the digital field.

The Curriculum/Course has been prepared in compliance with EQF. Development of Curriculum for Digital Marketing and Digital Safety and Security for Agripreneurs is an output that has innovative factors because it is the first detailed and tailored curriculum for the agricultural sector.

IO2- Learning Platform, Modules and Training/ Learning Materials for Digital Marketing and Digital Safety & Security for Agripreneurs 

E-Learning has completely transformed way of learning that makes learning simpler, easier, and more effective. This method of learning is best suited for everyone. Online educational courses can be taken up by anyone and anytime even evenings and weekends. Unlike face to face training, anyone can access the content an unlimited number of times. E-Learning provides quick delivery of lessons.

In order to ensure agripreneurs to take place in digital world, training should be supported by printed and/or digital learning materials. Priority has been given E-Learning Platform, but the course can be implemented as face to face or blended. If farmers can continue learning through internet and mobile/smartphone application, this process will be speed up. Thus, the farmers will be more active in the digital world, and the digital literacy gap between farmers and other adults will be decrease. Visually enhanced printed or multimedia materials can contribute to trainees' learning experiences.

 IO3- Agripreneur’s Safe Digital Marketing Guidebook and A Toolbox for Safe Digital Marketing Strategy for Agripreneurs

The aim of developing “A Toolbox for Safe Digital Marketing Strategy for Agripreneurs” is to support agripreneurs’ digital progression whether they are going to start becoming a digital marketer or improve their skills in the digital marketing area.


The Toolbox will be very innovative output which is a kind of the knowledge portal that is to help the farmers, peasants, agripreneurs to find the most appropriate methods, sites, regulations, tools etc. at a short notice. Such a toolbox offers opportunities to incorporate extra functionalities to support the safe digital marketing activity. It can be used as integrated in the E-Learning Platform or can be used independently. The toolbox will be developed by creating new contents, harmonizing and integrating the outcomes in the previous IOs, research carried out, collecting the best practices, data and information, evaluations and creation of the Agripreneur’s Safe Digital Marketing Guidebook.

Because the toolbox will contain materials which will be valid worldwide and will be accessible online from anywhere in the World, it will have very high transferability potential, and can be transferred and used by any individual in any country.

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