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(NEWTIE) (Portugal)

NEWTIE is a private company with emphasis on education, innovation, entrepreneurship and information systems consultancy. The main areas of work are ICT consultancy, education consultancy, innovation and technology transfer.

Our company applies its entrepreneurial approach, business experience, and fundamental scientific knowledge to support the advancement of science and technology for the benefit of clients. Our mission is to promote innovation through high level ICT support services and EU partnering projects. Our vision is to become the preferred partner to organizations interested in promoting innovation in education. NEWTIE has a staff experienced in EU projects, qualified with PhD level.

  • NEWTIE has experience delivering project outputs of high quality and on time;

  • NEWTIE has experience in Work-Based Learning, supported by ICT Technologies;

  • NEWTIE has expertise in e-Learning Management System (LMS) that can be used in different ways in EU projects;

  • NEWTIE is expert in e-Learning developing contents and tools, automatic help systems generation, educational methods and tools, education planning, teaching/learning methodologies/strategies and information systems analysis/consulting;

  • NEWTIE has very good links with secondary schools, VET schools and Universities in Portugal;

  • NEWTIE has good dissemination channels thoughout Europe;

  • NEWTIE is experienced in hosting attractive project meetings in Porto, Portugal.

Our Services are:

  • Technology Transfer

  • Research and Development

  • Innovation in Education

  • Knowledge Management

  • E-Learning

  • Educational Methodologies


Address: Rua de Gondarém, 467 - Hab. A - Porto

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