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(EGInA) (Italy)

EGInA srl is an Italian private training agency and consultancy body, operating in the sector of EU projects and grants, especially in the field of innovation, digital, entrepreneurship and cultural heritage. 

EGInA Srl works fo the implementation of training activities funded by the European Social Fund, it also acts as a sending, hosting and intermediating organisation in the field of transnational mobility. 

EGInA collaborates with the European network ALL DIGITAL and the Digital Cultural Heritage, Arts & Humanities School.

It is member of the National Association “Stati Generali dell’Innovazione”.

Every year EGInA organises SHU - Social Hackathon Umbria, where 6 teams of hackers compete for the realization of digital products aimed at fostering digital competencies and entrepreneurship to the benefit of the civil society.

Address: EGInA Srl Via delle Industrie, 9 06034

Foligno (PG), Italy

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