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Safe Digital Marketing for Agripreneurs - DIGIAGRIMARK

"Safe Digital Marketing for Agripreneurs (DIGIAGRIMARK)"

(project n. 2020-1-TR01-KA204-094469)

The digital world has covered every aspect of our life. Especially after the COVID-19 pandemic spread all over the world, people had to carry out all communication and business online more than ever before. Growing with the digital world, digital marketing has a significant place because more consumers are becoming online every day.

European Commission places great importance on digitalisation in agriculture. The EC organised EIP-AGRI Seminar covering Multi-level strategies for digitising agriculture & rural areas with the participation of 25 member countries in April 2019. Primarily, main components of a strategy for digitalisation and challenges to foster strategies in digitalising agriculture were issued. Additionally, inclusion of digitalisation in the CAP (Common Agricultural Policy) Strategic Plan was discussed. They signed a declaration of cooperation on ‘A smart and sustainable digital future for European agriculture and rural areas’ to take a number of actions to support a successful digitalisation of agriculture and rural areas in Europe. It recognizes the potential of digital technologies to help tackle important and urgent economic, social and environmental challenges facing the EU's agri-food sector and rural areas.

In order to succeed in digital marketing, individuals/enterprises need to recognize the importance of using the digital security of marketing as well as using various digital marketing channels. Conventional marketing methods can no longer reach people as much as digital marketing. Among people who will use the digital marketing methods to sell the goods or services, maybe the most vulnerable ones are the farmers, agripreneurs.

Because the agricultural community is very weak in digital skills and accordingly in digital marketing; they are so defenceless to the digital threats like pishing, e-commerce fraud etc.; digital safety & security is vital for farmers-agripreneurs who will use online tools to sell the goods/services. Therefore, improving the digital skills of farmers, producers, peasants i.e. agripreneurs through ‘Safe Digital Agri Marketing’ skills is inevitable, and priority is given to increase the digital marketing skills of farmers including safety & security.

The project is addressed to all adult farmers who want to learn more about digital world and want to create their presence online to improve their social & business life.

Nine European and Turkish partners have prepared the project "Safe Digital Marketing for Agripreneurs” and it has been approved by Presidency of the EU Education and Youth Programs Center- Turkish National Agency within the scope of ERASMUS+ KA2 - 2020 Strategic Partnerships for Adult Education Program.

During the implementation of the project;

18 trainers/instructors will be trained to improve e-learning skills in designing & managing a course on LMS and in creating interactive contents. The survey will be applied to 200 farmers/peasants in partner countries for the need analysis. Testing will be executed with 200 farmers/peasants in partner countries.

All results and intellectual outputs will be shared with 225 participants from stake holders in the multiplier events in five partner countries.

Our project will produce an e-learning platform which will be open to all agripreneurs even other people in EU, program countries and worldwide. Any individual will be able to access freely to E-Learning Platform, Curriculum/Course, Agripreneur’s Safe Digital Marketing Guidebook and Toolbox for Safe Digital Marketing Strategy for Agripreneur.

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