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EU & Foreign Relations Bureau (Türkiye)

EU and Foreign Relations Bureau of Aydin Governorship (EU Centre), coordinator of the project on the behalf of Aydın Governorship, was established in 2010 and performs its duties under the Governorship.

EU Centre,
-executes the foreign relations (especially the European Union) with internal institutions and organisations
-implements, follows-up and monitors the results of legal and administrative reforms of our country in the process of accession to the EU.
-introduces country’s membership process to society,
-carries out works regarding the use of EU funds by public institutions, NGOs, private institutions and individuals, and
-provides better understanding of our EU accession process in public, within the scope of the EU Communication Strategy.
-operates with the aim of more efficient use of EU financial aid and other national and international funds by public institutions, non-governmental organizations, private sector, local governments, universities and professional organizations in our city and provides technical support to potential project applicants or to the projects being implemented.

Our Main Activities
-European Union Adoption, Consultation and Steering Committee (UDYK) Meetings
-Trainings, Consultancy and Technical Support
-Applications and Implementations of the Projects
- Foreign Relations

Address: Köprülü-Veysipaşa Mahallesi

Hükümet Bulvarı No:74 Hükümet Konağı 09100

Efeler, Aydın/Turkey

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