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MULTIPLIER EVENT Results Sharing Meeting (Final Conference) Porto - Portugal

The Final Conference- "Results Sharing Meeting" event of the "Safe Digital Marketing for Agripreneurs-DIGIAGRIMARK" project was held on the 21st June in Porto/Portugal.

Aproximately 30 participants attended the Results Sharing Meeting, 26 of them were not the personnels of the project partners.

The first part of the program started with the CEO of NEWTIE, Prof. Dra. Alexandra Baldaque. She gave general information about the project they have been carrying out for two and a half years. The project is designed according to the increasing importance of developing digital marketing capabilities in the near future, targeting agriculture and rural development. The aim of our project is to contribute to digitalisation in agriculture by improving the skills of our farmers and entrepreneurs who want to start e-commerce in digital marketing and digital security, and to increase the economic and environmental sustainability of the agricultural sector.

She gave detailed information on the Digiagrimark website, which are the main outputs of the project, the "Safe Digital Marketing for Agricultural Entrepreneurs" curriculum, the training book developed in accordance with this curriculum, interactive materials, training videos uploaded to the YouTube channel of the project, Digiagrimark Online Training Platform, "Safe Digital Marketing for Agricultural Entrepreneurs" Guide and Toolbox outputs. She explained how to surf on the project website, enroll the Digiagrimark online course and how to benefit from the guidebook and the toolbox.

The last part of the Multiplier Event, the " E-Platform, Training Module & Training Materials” was conducted by Eng. Fernando Silva, the CIO of NEWTIE.

In this part, the training modules were shared in more detail and how it was implemented through the online training platform. Participants were shown how to register to the training platform and how to follow the content of the platform with the support of project team members.

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