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We have trained more than 200 farmers/agripreneurs in the ongoing test trainings on the "Digiagrimark Training Platform" of the "Safe Digital Marketing for Agripreneurs" project, which we are carrying out within the scope of Erasmus + Adult Education Strategic Partnerships under the coordination of Aydın Governorship (EU and Foreign Affairs Office) and supported by the Turkish National Agency.

The trainees participating in the training, where we apply the blended education model, complete their training online / online through the website after face-to-face training; producers who have completed their training can carry out exam and certificate procedures through the platform.

Within the scope of our project, the "Digiagrimark Training Platform", which we have developed in co-operation with our project partners from Italy, Spain, Portugal, Greece and Turkey in order to benefit all entrepreneurs, especially our farmers, is available free of charge at

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