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Fundamentals of Digital Marketing (Google)


Digital marketing is a great way to build trust and increase site traffic. There are 26 modules to explore, all created by Google trainers, packed full of practical exercises and real-world examples to help you turn knowledge into action.


Ecommerce security tips to keep your site safe and your business competitive:

If you own an ecommerce site or work in the digital commerce space, you’re likely aware of possible security threats. Getting ahead of these threats in order to protect your business and customers is crucial. This post will take you through a comprehensive list of ecommerce tips that will help you avoid security threats.



Ecommerce security tips to keep your site safe and your business competitive


Kaspersky Security & VPN for Android is a FREE downloadable virus protection solution to protect your phones and tablets from online threats.



Fundamentals of Digital Marketing (Google)


Digital marketing is a great way to build trust and increase site traffic. There are 26 modules to explore, all created by Google trainers, packed full of practical exercises and real-world examples to help you turn knowledge into action.



Agricultural Business Digital Marketing Planner


The Agricultural Business Digital Marketing Planner is a resource for farmers prepared by The University of Vermont Extension to help Vermont farmers use digital marketing to improve their businesses. It includes 4 videos.

Part 1: https://youtube/SBlykYEFspE

Part 2:

Part 3:

Part 4:


Digital Marketing Metrics to Track Success


Digital marketing metrics are central to every website and marketing team. Not everybody tracks the same metrics, but without any tracking, you’re lost. In this article, it has been covered the full marketing funnel and split the core metrics each and every marketing team should track by: traffic, engagement, conversion and the big one: revenue.


Smart Agriculture – Agriculture 4.0


The website is owned by Engineering Ingegneria Informatica S.p.A., which is an Italian company that provides digital transformation and technology services. The website features a white paper titled: “Smart Agriculture: digitization for sustainable agriculture”, which explores the potential benefits of digitization in the agriculture industry and the technologies that can support it.

The white paper discusses various aspects of smart agriculture, such as precision agriculture, data-driven farming, and smart irrigation. It also highlights the role of digital technologies in reducing waste, increasing productivity, and promoting sustainable practices in agriculture.

The white paper is available in English and can be downloaded from the website by filling out a short form. Additionally, Smart Agriculture offers other white papers and resources on topics such as Industry 4.0, smart cities, and digital transformation.

The site aims to showcase Engineering Ingegneria Informatica S.p.A’s expertise in digital transformation and technology services, specifically in the context of agriculture industry.


Digital Marketing Metrics to Track in 2023


Using performance indicators is essential to keep your marketing strategy evolving.

Digital Marketing is currently the key ally of companies that want to establish or expand their presence on the Internet. Through practices such as content production, investments in social media, and paid advertising, it is possible not only to attract potential customers but also to direct their journey through the sales funnel.

As you know, you should design the details of your digital strategy according to the characteristics of your company and your target audience. To do so, it’s essential to adopt an analytical approach, observing the aspects that are performing well and those that need optimization — that’s where Digital Marketing metrics come in.

Using performance indicators is essential for you to keep your strategy in constant improvement, delivering better results to your company.

Online Marketing Platforms


The terms digital marketing, internet marketing, and online marketing are, to a large extent, interchangeable. Technically, digital marketing refers to any marketing on electronic devices, with online marketing and internet marketing (which are by definition digital) focusing solely on content delivered via the internet. However, many of the tools and platforms available to assist marketers will help with all these types of marketing.


Digital Agricultural Market (DİTAP)

Digital Agricultural Market, or DİTAP for short, is a digital platform introduced by the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry of the Republic of Türkiye that brings producers together with buyers.  Product sales can be made through contracted production or direct sales through the system. Membership can be created by clicking the Register/Corporate Registration buttons at

With the contracted agriculture module, the platform allows the producer to make contracted production by agreeing with a buyer. The producer prepares the contracted agriculture request form, which includes the product, quantity and the desired price that he/she will undertake to produce on the land registered in the farmer registration system and submits it for approval in the system. The approved form is published. If the producer and the buyer agree, the contract formed in the system becomes valid after it is accepted by both parties. With its direct sales module, the platform also allows producers to sell the products they already have in their possession. The manufacturer prepares and advertises the advertisement on the platform, which includes the relevant information from the characteristics of the product to the delivery, and the advertisement is published after the approval of the site management.  Buyers interested in the product contact the producer and the sale is realised after reaching an agreement.

DİTAP also brings together those who want to rent agricultural land with the "agricultural land rental module" and those who want to rent agricultural land for production.

Companies that want to take part in the system as buyers must be registered in ESBIS or MERSIS, and companies and citizens who want to take part as sellers must be registered in the Ministry Systems.

Web sitesi:

OneSoil Scouting: Agriapp 


It is a free application that allows you to remotely track your crops, monitor the weather and identify problem areas in your fields.




The aim of this project is to simplify the food supply chain. CrowdFarming was the solution created by young farmers to disintermediate the food supply chain.




(App and platform)

Salesforce is a CRM software to help SME’s worldwide. It can empower your sales team with better forecasting, reporting and sales management tools. Reduce administration time and spend more time closing deals. It also increases customer satisfaction, retention and streamline processes with Service Cloud. It gets a global view of each customer. Track all interactions so your team can work together and quickly resolve customer queries. It uses Marketing Cloud to create personalised experiences for each customer and build a pipeline with cross-channel campaigns.


WIX Platform


Wix is a software and platform which creates a website with a complete suite of advanced functionalities and brings your vision to life. It converts and scales seamlessly with built-in marketing and business solutions. It is easy to use, free and customizable. It is built with SEO in mind, so it gets the SEO capabilities you need to optimise your site for search visibility. Wix offers a few different ways to create your own free website, so you can choose the creation process that works best for you.


Localytics (App and platform)


Localytics is a cloud-based analytics and marketing platform. This mobile analytics tool targets every customer from media, retail, travel, business and lifestyle. The retention feature is particularly interesting for users. This feature generates an analysis that pinpoints reasons for business problems, such as drop-offs, low conversion rates and reduced client retention. The platform also provides personalised (in-app) messaging, customized notifications and recommendations. It is  Priced according to data volume.


Open Web Analytics


Open Web Analytics is an open-source framework, which gives you granular control over how you collect and analyse user behavior data. It requires programming skills to set up and run, but it’s also very versatile, as you can use  it under your own domain or as a part of a web app.

Website link :




AgriWebb is a farm management platform that allows farmers to track and manage their livestock and crops from a single, easy-to-use dashboard. It provides features such as record keeping, inventory management, and task tracking, as well as insights and analytics on farm performance. AgriWebb also has built-in security features, such as user authentication and data encryption, to ensure that farmer data is kept safe and secure. By providing farmers with a comprehensive view of their operations and automating many routine tasks, AgriWebb can help improve the safety and security of their farms, while increasing efficiency and profitability.




AgriCook is an Italian-wide platform that offers various services, from selling agricultural products to booking agritourism, leveraging the power of the community.

By creating a personal page and posting photos of your establishment or your products, you can become an integral part of the community and help to promote the area and ultimately get your business off the ground.





DoubleVerify is a platform that provides brand safety solutions for digital advertising campaigns.

DoubleVerify uses advanced technology to help ensure that digital ads are placed in safe and appropriate environments. This includes features such as contextual targeting, which ensures that ads are placed in content that is relevant and appropriate for the brand, and brand safety controls, which prevent ads from appearing next to inappropriate or harmful content. DoubleVerify also provides fraud protection, using advanced algorithms and machine learning to detect and prevent ad fraud, as well as viewability measurement, which helps to ensure that ads are actually seen by real users.

Overall, DoubleVerify can be a useful tool for ensuring that your digital advertising campaigns are safe and effective, protecting your brand's reputation and improving the overall ROI of your campaigns.

Website link :



BrandShield is an online brand protection and anti-counterfeiting platform that can help protect your brand and your customers from fraud, phishing, and other forms of online scams.

 BrandShield offers a range of tools to help digital marketers ensure that their ads and campaigns are safe and effective. These include brand monitoring, which allows you to track and identify instances of brand infringement or abuse, and content monitoring, which ensures that ads and other content are placed in safe and appropriate environments. BrandShield also offers domain monitoring, which allows you to identify and take action against unauthorized or malicious domains that may be attempting to impersonate your brand, as well as social media monitoring, which helps to detect and remove fake social media accounts that may be used for phishing or other scams.

Overall, BrandShield can be a valuable tool for digital marketers who want to ensure that their brand and their customers are protected from online scams and fraud, and that their ads and campaigns are placed in safe and appropriate environments.

Website link :


Integral Ad Science (IAS) platform


IAS offers a suite of tools to help digital marketers ensure that their ads and campaigns are safe, effective, and compliant. One of the key features of IAS is its ad verification technology, which uses machine learning and artificial intelligence to analyse digital ads and detect potential issues such as fraud, viewability, brand safety, and ad quality.

IAS also offers brand safety tools, which enable marketers to target their ads to appropriate environments and avoid displaying their ads in locations that could potentially harm their brand. Additionally, IAS provides solutions to ensure ad viewability, meaning ads are actually seen by real people and not bots, and to prevent ad fraud by identifying and blocking fraudulent impressions.

Overall, IAS can be a useful tool for digital marketers who want to ensure that their digital ads and campaigns are safe, effective, and compliant with industry standards and best practices.

Website link :

PTTAVM E-Commerce Platform, one of the most reliable e-commerce platforms in Türkiye, provides services to the points that no e-commerce site has been able to reach, by taking the PTT guarantee of 2 centuries with it . offers its customers a quality shopping experience with millions of products that appeal to different needs and styles and at discounted prices. Growing day by day with its innovative vision, is rapidly advancing towards becoming the leading company of the sector.


AgroTech-UPC (Spain)


The Specific Agrotech Research Center of the UPC has been created with the aim of bringing research, training and technology transfer closer to the agri-food sector.


103 Social Media Post Content Ideas to Increase more Engagement


Social media continues to remain one of the best ways to reach and connect with the targeted audience in any business industry. This list of 100+ social media post content ideas will keep your social marketing strategy inspired for a long time.

“The strength of your social media is determined by the strength of your content.”

Website link :

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