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We carried out the Short-Term Personnel Training Activity of our project in Porto, Portugal

The Learning, Teaching, Training Activity “Training for E-Learning” of the "Safe Digital Marketing for Agripreneurs- DIGIAGRIMARK" (Nr.2020-1-TR01-KA204-094469) project, that is supported by the Turkish National Agency and carried out under the coordination of Aydın Governorship EU and Foreign Relations Office, was held between 5-8 April 2022 in Porto, Portugal.

As part of the short-term joint staff training activities, all partners of the project (Aydin Governorship, Aydın Provincial Directorate of Agriculture and Forestry, Aydın Adnan Menderes University, Institute of Entrepreneurship Development (IED)-Greece, Social Impact and Innovative Education Association (SOYED), Baldaque & Alves da Silva, Lda (NEWTIE)- Portugal, European Grants International Academy SRL (EGInA)- Italy, Söke Agricultural Production Enterprise Agricultural Extension and In-Service Training Center Directorate (TAYEM) , Inercia Digital SL (INERCIA)- Spain) participated in the training activity held in Porto, hosted by NEWTIE, the Portuguese partner of the project.

During the four-day activity, a training program on the programs and platforms to be used in the preparation of content and online training materials for agricultural entrepreneurs and trainers was implemented. In the training, in which the programs used in the production and publication of digital materials to be used online such as LMS (learning management systems), Moodle, H5P, Lumi, Web 2.0 tools were explained theoretically and practically, the participants also had the opportunity to practice during the workshops. In other words, the participants practiced learning by doing throughout the activity.

On the first day of the training activity, after the opening speeches of Alexandra Baldaque from the host organization NEWTIE and Mustafa Hulusi Arat from the coordinator Aydın Governorship, Ilknur Böğrekci from Aydın Governorship gave detailed information about the objectives of the LTT activity, the content of the program, the program rules and supporting documents. Then, education/learning methods, history, online learning, education management systems and components were explained by Alexandra Baldaque from NEWTIE. In the remaining part of the day and on the second day, Andrea Succhielli from EGINA and Dr. Taner Arabacıoglu from Aydın Adnan Menderes University explained the H5P, the components of the H5P, the Lumi application and the establishment of Lumi in practice. Applications for the preparation of interactive materials and presentations were made by the participants at Lumi. On the third day of the training, Isabel Gonzalez Contreras and Noelia Oliveros from INERCIA DIGITAL (Spain) conducted a hands-on training on Web 2.0 tools Canva, Lumi, Quizzes, Powtoon, Clipchamp, and at the end of each Web 2.0 tool, the materials prepared by the participants were shared.

On the last day of the training with a total of twenty-one participants, Dr. Taner Arabacıoglu and Çağrı Kesen from Adnan Menderes University introduced the Moodle learning system, which includes the online education platform. It was explained in practice how to register, how to use the platform, how to upload training materials, and how to follow the training participants, to the Moodle training platform, which was created in cooperation with Aydın Governorship, Aydın Adnan Menderes University and SOYED. The training program, with reminders of the program rules and supporting documents of the LTT activity, ended with task sharing, evaluation of the training and distribution of certificates.

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